Before Daiei officially went bankrupt in 1971, despite a minor co-op formed with Nikkatsu Motion Picture Company called "Dai-Nichi Eiga," the studio had plans to make more Gamera films. The next in line for production (slated for a 1972 release) was a film called Gamera vs. Garasharp. Unfortunately for Gamera lovers everywhere, the film never made it out of it's "preproduction" stage.

However, when Daiei Video released the "Gamera Preservation Project" laserdisc boxset, included was a documentary on the Gamera series (featuring interviews with all of the principals: Noriaka Yuasa, Niisan Takahashi, and more) as well as a rather dramatic interpretation of Gamera vs. Garasharp told via narration (written by Takahashi) and sound effects over storyboards, new pictorial sketches (by art director Akira Inoue), and models -- all directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Thanks to the August Ragone, Aaron Cooper and a few other folks, I present Gamera vs. Garasharp.

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