GAMERA [1995 - 1999]
Heisei Gamera: 1995 Heisei Gamera: 1996 Heisei Gamera: 1999
80 meters
120 tons
Length of Shell:
Approx. 60 meters
Width of Shell:
Approx. 40 meters
Unknown, but believed to be over 150 million years old and created by an ancient civilization as a guardian of the Earth.
Top Speed (Underwater): 180 knots/hr
Top Speed (Flight): Mach 3.5

Eyesight: Above average eyesight. Furthermore, Heisei Gamera's eyesight increased as well as his plasma blast accuracy.
Mouth: "Plasma Blast" - Fired from Gamera's mouth is the super-energy discharge in which rapid ionization is generated and condensed, when pure oxygen unites with the plasma energy stored in the inside of the body a fireball erupts from Gamera's mouth.
Hand: Strength - Powerful enough to mangle steel and shatter rock. Gamera may also attack with sharp nails and claws. While Gamera's hands and feet may contain devastating power, they are often used to protect man.
Internal Combustion: Inside Gamera's body, thermal energy can be fired much like a ball of flame, a nuclear fuel, and high-voltage current is charged and stored in his plasma energy - like a thermal energy conversion furnace in his living body. Not only used for attacking opponents, but also for flight.
Leg: One kick can destroy a skyscraper. Gamera retracts his legs in order to ignite his plasma energy and fly.
Arm: As are his legs, his arms are retractable and the plasma's ingition allows him flight.
Elbow: A sharp bone has developed at Gamera's elbow, this can seriously injur enemies in the case of a dogfight.
Shell: So tough that the shock of nuclear weapons is also borne.
Tail: Gamera's strong tail can serve as a defensive weapon, being used as a whip against opponenets. The tail also serves as a support for his massive frame.

Ultimate Plasma Attack: In 1996, Gamera used a great power to defeat the menace from space Legion. He called out and absorbed energy from the Earth itself (beleived to be Mana). His shell opened from the front and a torrential amount of energy (comparable to a nuclear blast) was unleashed upon Legion.

**In 1999, Gamera exhibited new fighting techniques in addition to his previously witnessed abilities.
Super-Blaze Fireball: During the battle in Shibuya, Gamera's Plasma blasts were executed with deadly speed and force. He was able to rapidly fire three fireballs in a row to annihilate the Gyaos.
Banishing Sword/Fist: After destroying his own arm to free himself from Iris' hold, Gamera immediately finds himself under attack from energy beams that had been charging at the end of Iris' tentacles. Taking the brunt of the blow with his stump, Gamera takes the energy and forms a burning hand which he then used to destroy Iris.
Shell Cutter Attack: During the dogfight over Kinki, Gamera used his jets to rapidly spin his shell, rushing Iris.