Legion Mother
Legion (Mother)
Legion (Mother)
140 meters
160 meters
600 tons
Flight Speed:
Mach 1
Burrowing Speed:
Unknown, but it is known that the Legion species traveled to Earth on what appeared to be a comet which crash-landed near Sapporo. It is speculated that the Legion species utilizes three separate entities to thrive and inhabit other worlds: the Mother/Queen Legion (shown here), the Soldier Legion and the Flower (see below) which is essentially used as a launch system to carry the next generation to another planet.

The Legion Flower blooms in Sapporo.
Eye: Legion can see electro-magnetic activity.
Voice: The Legion Mother's microwave blast, which eminates from her huge tusks is powerful enough to vaporize a type-90 tank with one blow.
Ovaries: Legion's ovaries house a hive of countless soldiers that can be ordered to attack instantly. It is estimated that she can reproduce approximately 100 soldiers every hour.
Appendages: Legion's many appendages are used in both battle and burrowing; while they quickly assist in breaking up even the toughest earth, these deadly arms were seen puncturing Gamera's shell.
Armored Exoskeleton: Made of a hard silicone-like resin, Legion's exo-skeleton is not only an insulator but protects her body from attacks.
Interference wave-blast: Generated in the shape of a parabola, it acts as a shield. Legion was seen disabling the automatic targeting system of missles with this abilaity.