thanks to Bob Johnson for alerting me to Kadokawa's teaser trailer! In this you can see some shots of Jidas (the new villain in the film). To download the Windows Media file, click here

If you didn't know, I have added a page to catalog all of the news that I'm sure will be popping up for the new film. That can be accessed here. 7.13.05
Monster Zero news [] has posted a report by Roger Shanks, a lucky fan currently on holiday in Japan. Roger recently took Daiei up on their call for extras and has some very exciting news about the filming of the new Gamera films, GAMERA: THE LITTLE BRAVES (Chiisaki Yusha-tachi, Gamera). Make sure you head on over to MZ and check it out.

The official Gamera website is often updating their information and my goal (if I can find the time) is to get each individual item translated and posted here at the Shrine. When I have an English version of the page posted, you can be sure I'll let everyone know. Or if someone beats me to the punch, I'll share the link. :)

Also, I have added a page to catalog all of the news that I'm sure will be popping up for the new film. That can be accessed here.

GAMERA RETURNS - as reported by Keith Aiken of HENSHIN! ONLINE
Six years after GAMERA: REVENGE OF IRIS (Gamera 3: Iriusu Kakusei, 1999) ended the acclaimed Heisei Gamera trilogy, Kadokawa Pictures has announced that the monster will soon return to Japanese theaters. Tentatively entitled GAMERA: THE LITTLE BRAVES (Chiisaki Yusha-tachi, Gamera), the new film begins shooting late this month for a planned spring 2006 release.
want to find out more? Get on over to Henshin! Online or Monster Zero to read the rest!

I've got some catching up to to here...
Robert Saint John (a super cool guy whom I hasd the pleasure of meeting in Los Angeles during the GODZILLA FINAL WARS premiere) reported on the MZ Forums that this website tracks release dates for films in Japan. And listed under 12/2005: "new GAMERA" (temporary) - Revival new series". Robert had this to say, "Normally I wouldn't pay it much mind, but this isn't a Gamera or kaiju fansite. It's just a site listing reported film opening dates and info." No one really knows any details about the film, but stay tuned for details.

Source: Screen Daily's Mark Schilling in Tokyo

A fire has destroyed a sound stage at Kadokawa-Daiei studio in Chofu, a western Tokyo suburb. The blaze, which broke out in the structure in the early morning hours of November 21, did not result in any injuries. The cause has not yet been determined and total damages have not yet been assessed.

The 1,067 square metre sound stage, one of five in the studio, was being used to shoot Yokai -- The Great Goblin War, a major Kadokawa Pictures release for the 2005 summer season. Company officials have said the release date will not be pushed back.

The fire, which was discovered at 12:45 a.m., nearly two hours after the end of shooting for the day, burned for eight and a half hours and completely gutted the structure.

Kadokawa reopened the studio on September 1 after the completion of $9 million in renovation work. Covering 12,000 square metres, the studio has five sound stages, as well as screening rooms, meeting rooms, workshops and the Kitchen Cafe Gamera - named for the giant turtle that is a Daiei symbol.

In a follow up to the recent story on Monster Zero Yomiuri Online reports on the completion and grand opening of the new Kadokawa Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd. studios. The new building has an image of Gamera on the outside and even the cafeteria is named after Gamera. Here's hoping that this means in some way Kadokawa will eventually produce a new Gamera film. (Thanks to Robert Saint John)

A Sad Day...
Noriaka Yuasa (1933 - 2004) holding my son T'Igor at the 1999 G-Fest.
The following was posted by August Ragon of Henshin! Online:

    It is indeed a sad day: Aaron Smith from Monster Zero has informed me that the original Gamera director, Noriaki Yuasa, passed away on June 14th from a cerebral infarction (stroke). This is very sad news, and even sadder, since he passed with little fanfare, and only now are we hearing about this... Yuasa was a man who was full of life and laughter, and I was glad to have met him -- he was truly a character, and a wonderful human being. I, for one, feel that we have lost one of the great ones.

    [link to Japanese article]

    Yuasa Sensei, thanks for everything.


It's a sad, sad day here at the Shrine. I just learned that the beloved director of the Showa Gamera series has passed away (he died on June 14th). As many G-Fans know, my family and I attended G-Fest '99 at which Mr. Yuasa was a guest. It was at the event that we met Mr. Yuasa as our son was crawling around in his Guiron costume. It was such a surprise when I looked over to see the Gamera director get down on the carpet and play with T'Igor in a mock battle (letting Guiron win, too!). He seemed like such a loving man, so passionate about his films and so warm to the fans as well.

I have posted these photos of the event and from when I met him (just before the costume contest) as a samll tribute to what I knew of the man. It was such a wonderful memory and I am just very glad to have met him and shared his love of Gamera. His creation has brought happiness to children and adults the world over. I'm sure we would all like for him to know that he will be missed. Special thanks to Keith Aiken for hooking me up with the production still while I was at work and unable to access my books to find an appropriate picture.

Sayonara, Yuasa-san

I'm finished being a big lame-o!
And to prove it, check these bad boys out! That right, I have replaced ADV super-stupid Gamera 3 cover with some really cool artwork.

Pretty cool, huh? Special thanks go to Ed Godziszewski for sending me a scan of the Special Edition Gamera 3 LD cover and Katsu Tanaka of Just Be Toys for hooking me up with alternate video cover version of a Gamera 3 VHS tape. Feel Free to download them, but be warned, these are full--size DVD Covers at 300dpi - expect a large download:
COVER #1 (5.3mb) / COVER #2 (8.8mb)

If you need help printing these out, make sure you check out the DVD Cover Art Community's How-To section on Printing DVD Covers

Also, I started a blog. Why? (You may ask) Because I'm a sucker for peer pressure? No, because I needed to research it for work. So I proudly (sort of) present MY BLOG! I'm still working out the formatting kinks, but I might be able to just throw a text-only update in pretty quickly or something.

This is a late update, but Gamera 3 was released on DVD from ADV on June 17th. The disc features a new English dub as well as the Japanese language track. The real special features include press-related materials, original theatrical trailers and the third subtitled interview with SFX diety Shinji Higuchi. There are several ADV features: Outtakes and Commentary - both are supposed to be amusing to a point, but I eventually grew weary of them and stopped them. The cover wasa dissapointment, but I am working on a replacement cover that I will offer for download here at the Shrine.

GAMERA 4: The Fan-made fuss!
Gamera 4 is in the headlines right now...but not as you would think. For some reason, this "news" has been presented four months after the fact. The following is roughly translated from the latest Uchusen Quarterly magazine:

    Gamera 4, a fan-made film which was written, directed and edited by one of the most entusiastic Gamera fans in the world, Shinepei Hayashiya, was screened on January 31, of 2003 at the Tokyo E.R.O. Hall. In addition to the many Gamera fans that attended the screening, some of the film-makers who actually created previous Gamera movies were in attendance. Everyone who viewed the fan created film was overwhelmed with the originality of the story and the high standards that the movie set, despite it's budgetary constraints. A surprise appearance by Gamera suit-actor, Kazuo Yagi with an actual Gamera Costume made the preview more exiting as well. After the show, a talk show was held with Gamera's previous film-makers who seemed a little stressed out after seeing that one individual could create such a high quality movie with a great plot. Now expectations from the fan will be tremendously high for the actual Gamera 4 movie.
So, a fan-made film has caused quite a stir as of late among western Gamera fans. I'd like to know why we are hearing about this now when the screening was back at the end of January. But I'm more curious, as to the Japanese fan-base reaction. August Ragone of Henshin!Online reported that Kadokawa/Daiei is seriously considering the release of the film on DVD. I think it'd be kind of cool to own on DVD, but I really wish I could download it. I'm all about fan-made Gamerabilia!

Today is the official release of ADV's GAMERA 2: ATTACK OF LEGION DVD. However...last week I read that certain stores had put their DVDs on the shelf already. Sure enough, I picked up a copy of the movie that night (last Tuesday to be exact). I do have to say that with all of the complaining that I focused towards ADV for their lack of respect to Gamera's heisei films (specifically for sitting on them for so freaking long), they've done a pretty good job of making amends! The DVD includes both Japanese and English audio tracks, along with the English subtitles. The subtitles also extend to the extras: Trailers & TV Spots, Japanese promotional event footage and the second part in the Shinji Higuchi interview. There are also ADV trailers - including one for Gamera 3 (which I'd give a grade of B), dubbing outtakes and a condensed dubbed version of the film called Lake Texarcana Gamera (in which the voice actors speak in Texan accents)...its quite amusing, but hard to explain.

Suggested retail price is $19.99, but I picked mine up for $14.95 at F.Y.E.

Tomorrow is the official relase of ADV's Gamera: Guardian of the Universe DVD. So pick those up as they hit the shelves! As a reminder, the suggested retail price for the stand-alone DVD is $19.98 and the DVD that comes with the special art box should be $24.98. So far the best nationwide deals have been reported at Best Buy - their website is listing both for $14.99 (for some reason).

Initial reports from a few lucky Gamera fans who have gotten their copies early are good! Check out what the following two visitors had to say about ADV's Gamera: Guardian of the Universe DVD!

"Just thought I'd let you know that I managed to snag a copy of "Gamera, Guardian Of The Universe" on DVD ...All the extras are well produced - there is an extensive (and somewhat odd...) interview with the FX director (part one of 3), loads of TV-Spots, trailers, coverage of opening day, and the original production announcement. There's even a trailer for the upcoming "Gamera 2: Attack of Legion" included in the "ADV Previews" section. Furthermore, the sound and picture quality of the DVD even surpasses the well-produced VHS version."

"In short, it's wonderful. Anamorphic video, choice of languages, trailers, interviews, premiere footage, etc, etc ... it's everything ADV's DESTROY ALL MONSTERS and DAIMAJIN discs should have been. GAMERA's done very well for ADV - it's good to see they did right by him."

Sounds great to me! I'll be grabbing the art box disc as soon as I can get out to my local Best Buy! Thanks to Jim and Earl for provding the great review info!

I've been pretty slammed here at the Shrine, but I figured I'd post some photos of the new Gamera DVDs.
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

  • Detail scan of the Cover
  • Detail of Art Box
  • DVD with Box: Front - Back - Angle (from
    Gamera 2: Advent of Legion
  • Detail scan of the Cover
    Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
  • Detail scan of the Cover

    from fangoria's news section & brought to my attention by a post on the Godzilla News forum:
    February 7: Kaneko's GAMERA flies to DVD with mucho extras

    Kaiju fans rejoice! GAMERA, THE GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE, the first in Shusuke Kanekoís giant-turtle trilogy, is finally coming to U.S. DVD - and itís going to be fully loaded. A.D. Vision releases the disc March 18 on its Rubbersuit Pictures label, with both English and subtitled Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtracks. Extras include an interview with special FX creator Shinji Higuchi, a behind-the-scenes featurette, footage from the filmís press conference, promotional events and opening night, original trailers and TV spots. The suggested retail price will be $14.98, or $24.98 for the disc with a special box, one that leaves space for (at last!) the forthcoming A.D. Vision DVDs of Kanekoís GAMERA 2: THE ADVENT OF LEGION and the masterful GAMERA 3: THE REVENGE OF IRYS.

    I just got word that while ADV hasn't officially announced any more information than the DVD release of Gamera: Guardian of the Universe on March 18th, Barnes & Noble store computers are displaying the following release dates: Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (3/18/2003) / Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (4/29/2003) / Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (6/10/2003). And for those who haven't heard, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe will be available with or without a special art box (to display the other two discs once they are released). Special thanks to Neil for the heads-up!!

    It looks like Yujin (I think) is going to be making some more Gamera diorama figurines. Along with Gamera and Virus, we may see Jiger, and, surprisingly, Garasharp and Malcopkarappa.

    WooHOO!! I just got two large boxes delivered by UPS and cracked them open to see some beeeee-yyooo-tee-ful Shrine of Gamera shirts!! Both designs are available in a bunch of I put together a little ordering page, so everyone can just buy them online and make it super-easy for all and people can pay with credit cards. It uses PayPal, so if you already have an account, it should be all good.

    Thanks to Logan, member of the GodzillaC Yahoo group for alerting me to this information! As we all know, ADV has had the rights to distribute Gamera 2 and Gamera 3 stateside. Although brief and limited theatrical appearances have been reported, ADV hadn't released any real news about the video releases of these films since July of 2001. Lo and behold, fellow visitors to the shrine, ADV has announced the voice cast for Gamera 2: Advent of Legion! This information was taken from the ADV Films website...
    Sept 25, 2002 Gamera 2 Cast Revealed

      Hey friends, itís you olí buddy the Prophet checking in with another cast list, this time for the upcoming live-action monster flick Gamera 2. Look for it to hit stores on DVD next year.

      Colonel Watarase - Jay Hickman (Koji in Generator Gawl)

      Midori Honami - Shelley Calene-Black (Mireille in Noir)

      Obitsu - Chris Patton (Gasaraki)

      Hanatani - Illich Guardiola (Excel Saga)

      Asagi Kusanagi - Luci Christian

      Colonel Satake - Rob Mungle (Pedro in Excel Saga)
    WooHoo!! Looks like big news for Gamera fans next year - Now don't forget to buy you copies of the Daimajin DVD Trilogy when they hit shelves on October 22nd!!

    From noon to two o'clock (pm), here in Portland, Oregon, I was glued to the TV watching the broadcast of Return of the Giant Montsers on UPN. Wouldn't it be cool if they (UPN) made it a Nationwide kaiju film timeslot? Ah, can dream   :)

    Free yourself on Saturday, April 6th! UPN stations accross the U.S. are showing Return of the Giant Monsters - aka: Gamera vs Gyaos! The way things are shaping up, it appears that most UPN stations are "starting the show" at Noon. Check your local listings, and get someone else to watch Gamera with you on Saturday!!

    More toy news, if it wasn't common knowledge, X-Plus recently released vinyl versions of Heisei Gameras - the ones you have to put together. They previously released the Showa Gamera Kaiju, but the new series includes Gamera 95, Gamera 96 and Trauma Gamera.

    I just lifted this from the official Gamera website. Like their Godzilla meat series, Takara will be releasing a set of twelve different canned "Gamera" meats - One for each kaiju: Gamera'99, Gamera'96, Gamera'95, Irys, Legion, Super-Gyaos, Barugon, Gyaos, Guiron, Viras, Jiger & Zigra. Eat Gamera-meat and you will "become strong like Gamera!!" Manufacturer's suggested price is 500 yen each. Here are some pics: Case / Cans / Lineup

    Also, Takara is hosting a special promotion: entrants apply six can labels to a postcard and send them to Takara; ten lucky winners will receive cans signed by Heisei director, Shusuke Kaneko. Ten others will win meat signed by Noriaka Yuasa!

    Another item of note is that through April 5th, this site is taking pre-orders for lobby card sets. From what I can tell, these were discovered in pristine condition and reproduced with the utmost care. Should be a real treat for those who have a Japanese connection & can afford it. Limited to 200 sets, the price tag is 3,000 yen & 700 yen for shipping. However the offer is only good if there are 200 preorders - at the time of this posting, there were 44 preorders. They started taking orders on February 5, 2002 and will through April 5, 2002.

    Yujin is releasing some small PVC Gamera toys. It seems that Noriaka Yuasa appproved the color schemes of Gamera, Guiron, Gyaos, Space Gyaos, and Barugon. There will also be some monochrome versions. However, like the Yokai sets that Yujin recently released, these are unmarked boxes so you don't know who you get unless you open the box.

    I feel like such a slacker. I haven't updated the site in months. AND I have let the poll get out of my control - now I can't remember how to close it. The totals as of this date are represented below:

  • SHIRT A: Red ink on Maroon Shirt » 28 votes / 27.5%
  • SHIRT B: Black ink on Olive Shirt » 52 / 51.0%
  • "Print both, I'd buy one of each!" » 22 / 21.6%

    Clearly, the winner in this situation is the green shirt, but lucky for everyone involved, I may be able to print both! What I need you all to do is basically send me a "pre-order" for your shirt(s). Email me [email protected] and please include:
    -Shirt A or B?
    -Shirt Size (M, L, XL, XXL)
    -Quantitiy desired

    I will be considering these emails as pre-orders. If you are going to request a shirt, please be ready to pay for it. I am only going to charge 15 dollars per shirt. I'll do all of my shipping via USPS Priority mail. I don't have enough money to just sit on a box of them ^_^
    After I compile the emails from you all, I have to come up with the money and get them printed. At that time, I'll reply to all who emailed me with payment information. I'm getting excited, are you?

    This is closer to a rumor than it is a fact, but a friend of mine spoke to an ADV Films representative at AnimeExpo this past year. He was told that ADV was/is seriously considering a wide theatrical release for a dubbed GAMERA 3. Because the subtitled print that has been playing at art houses and festivals since G-Fest 99 has generated a tremendous audience response, ADV is putting a hold on the video release - or at least this is one of the reasons. Also, he was told that as for G3 plans are still up in the air, but GAMERA:GOTU will be out "soon" on DVD. (Thanks, Keith!)


      Ok, I have been reviewing the shirts requests and there are about forty of them. Its pretty much split down the middle on which shirt to print. About half of you like shirt A and half of you like shirt B. Personally, I'd print both if I could, but I doubt that enough people would buy them. I am thinking about trying to sell them in two different versions. One with a Shrine of Gamera logo on the back (its a new logo that I have baen toying with, and I finally finished it....maybe). And possibly another to Collectible shops that may be able to sell them without the Shrine logo on the back.

      So, in honor of my inability to make a final decision on this matter, I have created a messageboard through EZBoards and have added a poll. Please feel free to vote for your favorite shirt. I think the poll only allows you one vote, but lets not test that theory out, shall we? If for some reason you would like to buy more than one shirt, I would rather get that in an email (this is more for the poll, itself)...

      And an apology to my visitors about this message board. EZBoard bombards it's users with annoying "in-your-face" ads unless the administrator (me!) pays to become a member of their CSC Gold community. Its only twenty or thirty bucks so I plan to do it, but I haven't yet. My birthday is in a week, so I may splurge and get those ads removed. So feel free to actually use the messageboards, I did want to make it a permanent part of the Shrine's upgrade (whenever that's going to happen).


    Gamera News I have been slacking on (All of this was taken from Monster Zero):

  • "Marusan USA, a division of the Japanese toy company Marusan, has been unveiled the first American exclusive vinyl figure of Gamera '95 and Gamera '96. The figures are due September 1st according the website and can be reserved from the site as well."
  • The Showa series is going to be available on DVD in Japan - CDJapan is taking preorders for the two different Show sets (1965 - 1968 & 1969 - 1980). Once again - there are REGION 2 DVDS and will not play in American players (unless specified by the manufacturer).
  • If you live in Los Angeles, you better make plans to go see Gamera 2 - which is playing 8/19/01 @ 7:15pm at the Egyptian theater. If you are going, make two of your friends go, if you're not - drop what you are doing and GO! Gamera 2 is still considered one of the best of all kaiju films!

    Ok, this isn't really news.....or is it? Could this be the proof we Gamera Fans are looking for? (Thanks to spaceminya of GodzillaC who pointed this out in the forum.)

    Does Gamera Exist? - Well click that to find the answer! :P

    Just wanted to upload a picture showing off the two designs that I am torn between. So without any other delays, here are the two designs.

    Hi everybody, I just wanted to bring up a couple of points tonight....
      1. GAMERA ON DVD: I get a lot of email from visitors to this site asking about release dates for Gamera films on Video and DVD. I wish I knew. I really wish I knew! But with the overwhelming response I am getting regarding this subject. I have decided to put together a very clear and professional petition for ADV Films and Daiei Films. I hope that when I complete this, that everyone who visits my site will sign it. After a certain amount of time, I will most likely mail printed copies of the petition to both parties and ask a few friends for a little bit of help with the subject. While I don't mind the emails, I just want everyone to know how important it is to sign this petition once it is ready. Again, I hope to get as many signatures as possible.

      2. SHRINE OF GAMERA T-SHIRTS: I have recently toyed with the idea of making t-shrits for the Shrine. Truth be told, I only get about 300 visitors to the site every week (and that probably doesn't justify t-shirt sales), but I probably won't let that stop me. The main reason I want to make shirts is that Kaiju Shirts are hard to come by here in the US (other than Godzilla). A shirt with the Gamera: Guardian of the Universe poster image was recently release through Diamond Comics. BUT I want to do my own. I have two designs and they are pretty dynamic. One design is for a dark style shirt, the other is for a lighter shirt. What I need to know before I go any furter is how many shirts would I need to make and how many people would actually buy a shirt. There are other considerations like brand and size, but I am not really worrying about that yet. So, IF you would be interested in buying a Shrine of Gamera Shirt, I would like to know. EMAIL ME! - I really want to know.

    Just a quick note about the Gamera DVD Box set from Japan. I now have two better pics of the set. See those here (Box) and here (Opened set). Also for those few that didn't already know, Shusuke Kaneko (the director of Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, Gamera 2: Advent of Legion and Gamera 3: Incomplete Struggle) is directing the new Godzilla movie. On his site, he says the following (sorry for this being old news, I just didn't post it in March):
      "First off, let me tell everyone that I am entirely excited about being given the opportunity to make Godzilla. When I was young I dreamed of being able to make a kaiju film. I loved so many of the different kaiju. After growing up and getting success as a movie director I approached Mr. Tomiyama with the idea that I should direct "Godzilla vs. Mothra". Unfortunately for me, a director had been selected already. Soon after this I was asked by Daiei to make Gamera.

      At the time I was a concerned that if I made Gamera it might change my destiny with Godzilla. I was afraid that by taking Gamera I‚d never make a Godzilla film. But, I really had no choice as I felt that if I didn‚t go with Gamera I might never get to make a kaiju film. Nevertheless, I have been awarded Godzilla and feel a tremendous responsibility in making not only the best Godzilla film, but the best film of my career.

      There are big differences between Godzilla and Gamera, as I'm sure any fan of the genre can attest. In my mind, Gamera is a bit masochistic and Godzilla sadistic. The Gamera formula is that Gamera fights, gets defeated in the middle, then returns at the end and is triumphant. Godzilla is different. >From the beginning Godzilla attacks--and he keeps on attacking to the end! Godzilla is not a protector; he is the enemy of Japan.

      Recent Godzilla films have shown Godzilla in a sympathetic light. I believe this to be a mistake. Godzilla was born of the spirit of the war dead and is in a sense a specter of war. I will make Godzilla a monster, one that is cruel and strong."

    Sounds pretty promising to me! As a big fan of the Gamera series, I am eagerly awaiting the new Godzilla film. I hope I get the chance to see it in a theater as I did with Gamera 3, and I am confident that Kaneko-san will make an impressive and fantastic entry to the Godzilla series.

    The following information (as "small" as it is) was taken directly from Monster Zero News....

      Gamera is really neat! He is filled with turtle meat!
      Author: Aaron Smith
      Date: 4/18/2001

      Here`s a small update many will like. Word is, as of last week, that Daiei wants to pursue plans for Gamera 4. That was all that said to MZ but if anything more pops up I`ll post it.

    I don't know where Aaron gets his news or who he has been introduced to for Gamera news, but I am so glad that Monster Zero can be the first to inform the good ol' public of the latest Kaiju developments. I think this is exciting news! And at the same time unexpected - although I suppose with Gamera's popularity rising during the last 6 years, Daiei would have been foolish to let Gammy slip from their grip into the forgotten void. As news comes in on this little tidbit, I will post it.

    This just in! New photos of the Gamera DVDs from Japan! Look at these large digital photos:

  • Gamera: Guardian of the Universe ||Inside||
  • Gamera 2: Advent of Legion ||Inside | Outside||
  • Gamera 3: Incomplete Struggle ||Inside | Outside||
    ...Cool huh? Here a product shot of the DVD box set too...

    It seems there are new Gamera products coming out. Aaron Smith from Monster Zero News has reported with Mark Obert (who lives in Japan) some really great toys, kits and statues that are soon to be available from your favorite dealers. I am stealing this directly from Aaron - so if you want the FULL scoop, head over to Monster Zero

    ATTN: Anyone interested in pre-ordering any or all of the Japanese Gamera DVDs - Jim C. of Club Daikaiju will be placing an order. Please note: These are REGION 2 DVDs - and will not play on the Average American Players (which primarily play Region 1), and also note you will have to PAY up front. From my dealings with Jim, he is a very respectable and reputable dealer. It has been presented (but not 100% confirmed) that "A 'Trauma Gamera' miniature display head from Atilier G1 (the company that produces the Gamera and Godzilla 2000 full-motion figures) is being offered with purchase of all three Gamera discs. Our suppiler has offered to obtain this item for our customers." So, if you are willing and able to shell out ¥4700 per disc (approximately $40.40 US dollars -- that doesn't include shipping), email Jim at [email protected]

    There is some (but not a lot) of Gamera news recently. According to Daiei's website, they will be releasing Gamera 1, 2, and 3 on DVD in Japan. Here is the direct translation, provided by August Ragone of JFF List:

      Manufacturer: Daiei Company Ltd. Distributor: Tokuma Japan Communications.
      Street date: 2.21.2001. 4700 yen each.

      GAMERA: THE BOX 1995-1999
      Special five disc DVD Box set to be released!
      Manufacturer: Daiei Company Ltd./Toshiba Digital Frontier Company Ltd.
      Distributor: Amuse Pictures Company Ltd./Amuse Softwear Industries
      Street date: 3.23.2001. 24,800 yen.

    I know it's not much, but that's it for real news... On another note, I have gotten off my lazy but and scanned some images for the Gamera 2 section. I won't be posting them until I make the site revision, which should be a few days after I have finished scanning the pics. Anyway, I just wanted to give a small update for everyone since I never update anymore.

    I am a lazy, lazy man. BUT I do plan to update as soon as I have completed the changes...See as a web designer it is my duty not only to my clients but also to my own endeavors to create not only beauty on the outside, but also beauty on the inside ;)

    When I started this site almost two years ago, I knew little about the logistics of html design and even less about cohesive directory structure. My current Gamera site mainly sits in one big folder. It is truly a mess. I vowed four months ago that I would change things. Have I done it? No. Have I started? I am proud to say, "Yes." I have begun the process but because of my work (GAH!!) and my family (ummm....not so much gah) I have been working in spurts. So I would like to clue you, the reader, in on a few Gamera tricks I have up my shell.

    To view a "screenshot" of what the Shrine will look like, go here. The goal was to use variable width html for layout. This has been accomplished. You will notice a few new sections - these will be great, but are taking me longer than I thought for a few reasons.

    • Gamera News - Basically the main "dialogue" page that everyone looks at. This will relay news as soon as it comes in and will be archived monthly.Gamera Kaiju Stats - I had an online source for this information, but unfortunately lost his web address. No matter!! I recently turned over the tags on my memorial box kaiju and lo and behold discovered each monsters statistics!! Well I need these translated for me. I have a friend who runs and he will be able to translate this information for me.
    • Gamera Toys - If you've seen it, you already know that the current page is crap. That's going to need a totally new treatment. It will rely mostly on text links. I could link to the Gamera section of Club Tokyo, but I have many images that have been gathered from Yahoo Auctions in Japan. That's going to suck to build.
    • Gamera Art Gallery - This will be broken up into two or more sections: Gamera Fan Art and Gamera Fan Fiction. Obviously the link will need to be renamed. I have a fabulous set of Gamera art straight from Japan. Wait till you see it! And as far as the Fan Fiction goes, I have received permission from the author of the "You'll Never Eat This Town Again: Gamera's Autobiography" published in G-Fan to post the chapters online here. I have to give them special treatment and I have a few ideas that I have been knocking around, but when it is up it should be a beautiful thing!
    • Gamera Links - This will basically reproduce the links I already use, but with a few more added.
    • Gamera Films - Replacing the lower navigation will be links to a review for each Gamera Film. I receive many many requests for more involved information regarding the Showa series (I can use that term for the first Gamera series, right?). Here is where the real work comes in. My friend, VishNu and I have been planning a gigantic resurrection of the Kaiju Korner. Initially, the Kaiju Korner was ALL html. For those who don't know, that means lots of files. Our vision is to create a site that any fan can visit, and read a synopsis on his/her favorite Kaiju film, see the movie posters, and the theatrical trailer(s). This is a giant undertaking because it will run from a database of Kaiju films, and WE have to build that database. That should rival any other kaiju site I might add. Anyway (to get back on track), this information will be presented inside both the Kaiju Korner and the Shrine of Gamera. I am not sure how its going to happen, but it will! And it'll be awesome!!
    Well, there you have it! The master plan (as it were). So forgive the lack of updates, times they are a changin'. It's 2:30am I gotta get to sleep.

    Listen up, folks! Aaron Smith has posted vital information on Monster Zero regarding the US release of Gamera 2 and Gamera 3. The following was 100% ripped from the headlines of his site which I have time and time again praised for it's fantastic Kaiju coverage. It rules and everyone should be keeping a close eye on Aaron's page for updates and news regarding DaiKaiju happenings! So 'Without Further Adieu', on with the copy and paste manuveur!

    ADVisions has announced the imminent release of GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE on DVD. The release will include a multi-lingual soundtrack. Extras were not announced, although the packaging will be similar to the VHS release.

    GAMERA 2 and 3 will not be released until next year. Titled respectively GAMERA 2: GAMERA VS. LEGION and GAMERA 3: GAMERA VS. IRYS. Packaging for both will feature the original poster art, similar to the GAMERA: GOTU release. It is assumed these will also feature multi-lingual soundtracks.

    ADV`s advertising describes the films as follows:


    After a meteorite crashes to earth just south of Sapporo, Japan, strange events begin occurring. Huge runs of fiber optic cables begin disappearing, thousands of bottles disappear from a beer factory, and a scientific team sent to examine the fallen meteor finds nothing at all. Soon it becomes apparent that Japan has been invaded by a new species of alien insect, a silicon based life form called Legion. As legion Hives spread across Japan, mankind`s military is helpless and once again the Earth must call on it`s greatest defender, the giant monster known as Gamera!


    In the Phillipines, Dr. Nagamine makes a horrifying discovery. The Gyaos are back, and in even greater numbers than ever. As Gamera returns to battle his ancient foes, mankind finds itself caught in the crossfire. Human casualties reach astronomical levels as Shibuya is completely leveled in a single battle, and there are literally hundreds of Gyaos! Even as the military ponders what step to take next, a new and even more deadly menace arises in the form of Irys, a multi-tentacled beast that lives by draining the energy produced by all living creatures. The action is fiercer and the special effects more spectacular than ever before as Gamera and Irys face off in the stunning conclusion to what is already being hailed by fans and critics alike as the greatest giant monster film ever made.

    I was going to start a petition to get ADV to release the Heisei Gamera films in Japanese with English Subtitles, but I didn't get off my lazy buttocks to do it. So, I now urge everyone that views this news to e-mail ADV Films and voice your positive opinion about the subtitled release of these Gamera movies. Flood their inbox!!! The last thing I want is for some guy at their company deciding to scrap the subtitle project because they didn't know about the die-hard fanbase.


    Ok, everyone! The Gamera vs. Garasharp Page is now up! It should work pretty well. The "lo-fi" video might not work as well as expected, but it's there. I gotta find a way to actually stream is from the server here @ work. I do have a request from people that view my site, please email me with suggestions for the site. Tell me what you want to see! Gamera monster stats? More video clips? Separate review pages for each movie? I'm doing this for us fans so I really want to know what you think! That's about it for away, and enjoy!

    Splendid News everyone!! Thanks to my buddies from the Daikaiju Eiga Newsgroup, I now have a copy of a killer Gamera documentary! It's about the Gamera mive that never made it to print, Gamera vs. Garasharp! I have already encoded the special in RealVideo format and taken some screen caps from the tape and will be posting them very soon!! Stay tuned!

    Wow, I forgot to put this link up! If you haven't seen any photos of my son as Guiron from last year's G-Fest, click here to see the Japanese perspective!

    Yikes!! Long time no see, all...big big news for Gamera fans!! (if you haven't heard)...."ADV Films announced yesterday they have indeed acquired the rights to the Daiei film`s 1996 Gamera 2: Gamera vs. Legion and last year`s Gamera: The Incomplete Struggle. ADV Film`s release of Gamera `95 was a big hit among kaiju fans and the public--placing the film in the top 20 videos for a time."
    Thanks to Aaron Smith's Godzilla News site for the info!

    11.14.99 (the hosts of my little site you might say) now has Gamera 3 in stock and subtitled. I noticed on some time ago that some people were had subtitled the movie themselves. Kudos to them, because I can't do that! BUT The version sold @ is supposed to pristine quality and the same subtitles that were transcribed in the 35mm print that was shown at G-Fest this year.

    8.25.99 Oh yeah, speaking of G-Fest, I took my digital camera and got around 70 or so pictures from the trip. Sure half of 'em are boring pictures of me, Kristin (my wife) and T'Igor (my son), but the other half were pretty cool! So check those out over here!

    Big news! Now YOU can buy Gamera 3 on VHS. It is only in Japanese (not dubbed and no subtitles either), but it's only $12.99 @ So head on over there and get your hands on the bestest monster flick of the millenium!!

    Today is my son's birthday, which also means it has been almost a month since I saw Gamera 3 at G-Fest this year! I was going to (and still plan to) do a G-Fest99 website with pics, highlights and other stuff. But when I started working on a shockwave intro, I hit an obstacle and put it off. Oh everyone who saw the film knows, G3 was amazing!! In one e-mail from a fan Gamera 3 was "the best monster film of all time." Now let me state for the record, I do love my Godzilla movies. But the attention given to the production in Gamera 3 was off the scales!! I was amazed at the strength of the story as well as the special effects. So while Godzilla is still my favorite monster, Gamera 3 ranks as the best film. If you haven't seen it, DO! If you like monster films, get your hands on a copy A.S.A.P!! It'll only cost you about twenty bucks (when it hits the states) and I truly think it will be worth every penny. So here's my final word on Gamera 3 (for the moment, at least):

      Gamera 3 acheives not only what Japanese monster films have struggled to do for decades, but has also surpassed the American set of SFX goals that were established for monster movies in 1998 with the Tri-Star production of Godzilla. Daiei, with the help of Shusuke Kaneko (Director), Kazunori ItŰ (Screenwriter) and Shinji Higuchi (SFX Director) have blended suit-mation with everyday life into a believable and powerful concoction. Let us all hope and pray that the standards that these men have set for their own creation will come to be the standards for the future filmmakers of kaiju eiga.
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